Letter to Mercedes-Benz

Open letter from Orel Blankier to Mercedes-Benz
“C-43 amg”

Sunday 17 December 2017,

Hello Mercedes-Benz,

A year ago Me and my husband decided to continue for another lease with Mercedes and leased C43 AMG, since day one the engine makes full of noises , make it the worst experience ever of leasing a new car, we decided to take it back to our dealership for a check, after two days they called us saying they didn’t found anything special so we can come back and take it, so we did.
The terrible noise came back, and it won’t stop like someone is constantly tapping on your head.
It’s been the worst most frustrating experience ever, especially because me and my husband are too busy to take it to the dealership every time. It’s pretty obvious that we got a defected car, very expensive one I must say.
What can we do ?

Author: Orel Blankier

Letter to Mercedes-Benz. Letter 1.

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