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Rozalia has wrote a letter to Amazon: Amazon
Hello Amazon, You are the best Americans on Earth. I hope to... Tuesday 29 December 2020 17h39

Myputty hola.mia/ has commented a letter to Mercedes-Benz
Myputty hola.mia/ Thursday 17 September 2020 14h55

MILAD FATHI has wrote a letter to Mercedes-Benz: Having some inventions
Hello Mercedes-Benz,my name is Milad Fathi I have bachelor degree... Sunday 22 September 2019 21h49

Mohamed Hassan Mohamed has wrote a letter to Mercedes-Benz: To the most genius minds
Hello Mercedes-Benz, I am sudanese... I Iove cars but no car... Friday 9 November 2018 06h04

Orel Blankier has wrote a letter to Mercedes-Benz: C-43 amg
Hello Mercedes-Benz, A year ago Me and my husband decided... Sunday 17 December 2017 19h12

Sacha de Frisching has wrote a letter to Apple: Focus on toddlers
Hello Apple, There is a growing body of evidence on how important... Tuesday 29 August 2017 17h19

louis has wrote a letter to Ikea: From Us.
Hello Ikea Peterborough. This year, you have earned GOOD... Tuesday 29 November 2016 09h29

Katie Carlile has wrote a letter to Unilever: Unilever's secret
Hello Unilever, I am here to tell those who have not had their... Monday 22 August 2011 12h29