Open letter from Katie Carlile to Unilever
“Unilever's secret”

Monday 22 August 2011,

Hello Unilever,
I am here to tell those who have not had their eyes opened to the horror you inflict on animals that you constantly refuse to stop your animal testing. Many thousands of animals including rabbits, rats, monkeys and dogs are used in labs just so us consumers can buy a new hairspray or new make-up. Do we really need more products? Think people, please consider the suffering inflicted on animals before you reach for a pot-noodle (they are made by this company) the only way to get through to this company is to boycott their products, yes it may be hard, yes you will have to spend an extra second looking at the products company but wouldn't you rather do that than let animals suffer? Please boycott Unilever, P&G and jonnsen and jonnsens to name but a few (the biggest companys) Thank you.

Author: Katie Carlile

Letter to Unilever. Letter 1.

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