Open letter from Sacha de Frisching to Apple
“Focus on toddlers”

Tuesday 29 August 2017,

Hello Apple,

There is a growing body of evidence on how important it is for adults to instill sensible digital footprints at an early age.

The internet is here to stay but it comes at a price. "Straw-Berry Book" is for parents, teachers, carers to be used as a tool
for toddlers 3-5 year old to teach them to adapt, be vigilant and enjoy today's social media panorama.

Today ..2...3....4..year olds are targeted to become the new savvy I-Pad generation....yet they are like rookies on Wall Street and
need to be made aware of the potential benefits and dangers.

There is nothing on the market for this age group.

I am not asking for a hand out, but a moral hand up.

With your help we could delve conscientoiusly into ways to inspire safe on-line habits.

I am just a 72 year old grandmother, trendy with text-appeal and waging single-handedly my cause.

Sharing the internet involves a certain conduct code and APPLE is in pole position to set the ball rolling. I am sure
others will follow. For common mortals like myself, reaching out to the C.EO.'s of GAFA. who claim to be user-
accessible is a myth....
but perseverence is in my DNA so I am giving it a shot.....................I can be authenticated as a published author.

Sacha de Frisching STRAW-BERRY-BOOK

Author: Sacha de Frisching

Letter to Apple. Letter 1.

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